Q&A: Marguerite O’Brien

So Marguerite,

Can you talk a bit about your role—What might people not realize about your day-to-day? What excites you about the world of Syndicate right now?

I coordinate the distribution and pricing of the firms’ public offerings, following an offering from launch all the way to pricing and settlement. Each day and each offering is distinct and different. No two issuers are the same, and therefore no two deals are ever the same. Some days I’ll spend my time coordinating a roadshow and working with sales and issuers to ensure they are hitting the appropriate markets, while others are spent distributing offering information, collecting feedback and indications to build a book of demand. Due to how dynamic the role of a Syndicate Manager is I’m lucky to always feel excited and energized by my job. There is always something new to work on and, it’s always exciting to see an issuer trade on the NASDAQ or NYSE for the first time.

You’re involved with several professional organizations in your field, what have you found most valuable about engaging with these groups and would you suggest any to colleagues?

Many may see networking as a tool to keep a proverbial door open for a future role or career pivot. While building industry connections can certainly help with that, I believe it is even more important to network to help build a community of professionals whom you can bounce ideas off of, discuss industry movement or form new partnerships. There are several groups that I have benefited greatly by being connected with such as Syndicate Association of America, The Women’s Syndicate Association and 100 Women in Finance.

You began your career at National while you were still in college, and you’re now an SVP heading up a critical department. How has National helped nurture your career growth? Are there any other professional challenges you’d like to tackle?

I have been lucky enough to work with colleagues who are not only incredibly smart and talented but who have also nurtured my professional growth over the last 10 years. I have been provided with exposure to many different fields and departments within the financial services industry. I have been encouraged and empowered to earn multiple securities licenses, join meetings with executives and issuers, and have always felt my voice is being heard. Looking toward the future, I hope to be an instrumental part of the continued expansion of National’s Capital Markets efforts. Additionally, it’s important to me to continue to learn and be exposed to the multitude of industry verticals within the National Securities universe.

What impact would like to see the Women of National initiative have on the company and beyond?

Firstly, I hope that WON encourages the many dynamic women we have at this organization to see that opportunities are endless here at National. Through mentorship and community there is so much to share and collaborate on. Additionally, I hope that we can be a key resource to the female investor, financial literacy in women is so important and I hope that the WON is a tool they can utilize over and over again in their education through articles, blog posts, community and more importantly, the many amazing financial advisors within the National family.


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