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Amid news about the coronavirus (COVID-19), National is committed to ensuring we meet all your financial services needs without interruption. All across the country, our team is here for you with the solutions, support, and advice you need to manage your finances and to navigate the volatility of the market.

In the days to come we will continue to devote all necessary resources to help ensure your personal safety, while maintaining all of the services you count on. And as new developments emerge, we will share information with you about how we continue to operate safely and effectively.

Helpful Perspectives in Volatile Times

Daily Thoughts from our Chief Market Strategist, Art Hogan

Staying calm through market drops isn’t easy, but it helps to remember that you are investing for the long term and to consider how the markets have behaved in the past.

Facing Market Fears With Facts

Like all other crises before, this too shall pass. With some uncertainty still to come, we are fortunate to have historical data that can help provide context.

Services and Solutions Available

Online Services

Stay secure and stay in control with online account access. Manage your accounts, monitor the market, your portfolio, and more. Visit our client login screen to access everything from one place.

Virtual Appointments

If you are uncomfortable or unable to attend an in-person meeting with your National representative, we have other options available to serve you, including virtual appointments. Contact your representative to learn more.

Get in Touch

We are dedicated to continuing to provide you with the level of service you’ve come to expect from us. National’s client service team is ready and available for any questions or concerns that arise during this time.

Stay Updated, Stay Safe